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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee
2107 BugNewHigh"0" nor "air" workingLoRaM100
2103 BugNewNormalSchematics and spawners changingFlyingPies155
2101 FeatureNewNormalEvent Listening APIbut2002
2090 FeatureNewNormalSupport negation in //replace (and possibly other?) parametersspling
2089 FeatureNewNormalShift selection area with //movespling
2087 BugNewNormal//schematic list (severe error)Sycholic
2081 BugNewHigh//restore: "Target world is not present in ZIP"bw
2079 BugNewUrgent[Schematic] NullPointerException due wrong code usedeinsteinKsk89q
2076 FeatureNewNormalRemoval of entities from a selectionMegaNarwhal_
2073 BugNewHighWE not working!Mercurial
2061 FeatureNewNormalSPout custom blockbuildme
2045 BugNewUrgentUndo bug deleting tile entity dataJavacow
2030 BugNewHighPolygon Schematicgustebeast
2022 BugNewHighPasting a Spherical/Cylindrical Selection Results in a Cubic Shapekforte318kforte318
2020 BugNewNormalProbable Plugin cause: 'WorldEdit'Paul20666
2019 BugNewUrgentCrash on //regenNentify
2009 BugNewNormalworldeditCUI bugEwe_Loon
2003 BugNewUrgentLeft click selectionstefa168
2001 BugNewNormalsignsz00100100
1982 BugNewNormal[WARNING] WorldEdit: Failed to do NMS access for direct NBT data copyScottSpittle
1981 FeatureNewNormalMaximum volumebw
1979 FeatureNewNormalWorldguard functionavogatro
1978 BugNewNormalmcedit Schematicavogatro
1962 BugNewNormal//regen deletes chunks except area marked with wandGretter74
1961 BugNewNormal//fixwater not filling downaton2
1952 BugNewImmediate Failed to do NMS access for direct NBT data copyJustMZT
1944 BugNewNormalUsing //chunk and //regen stops chunk loadingTNTUPsk89q
1943 BugNewNormalcan't call commands from console using sudoseanth
1942 BugNewNormal//regen doesn't work correctly when out of visual range.dalphi
1937 BugNewHighSnapshots do not support block ID's >= 128zerg96
1935 BugNewNormalSnapshots no longer support Chest tile entity datazerg96
1929 BugNewUrgentfixwater not filling downarachnidzonearachnidzone
1918 BugNewUrgentExtreme sized selections bring down server on some //commandsEwe_Loon
1915 BugNewUrgentWorldedit causing chunks to rollback several hours after constructionKyleBracewell
1909 BugNewNormaldisallowed-blocks can't deal with metadataavogatro
1908 FeatureNewNormalCommand Binding Help!D3mon808
1906 FeatureNewNormalLetting //move move only move specific blocksgreaperc4sk89q
1900 BugNewHighrailcraft copy railavogatro
1898 BugNewNormaljava.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -126 enderchest?PhanaticD
1895 BugNewNormalCrashDanda
1891 BugNewUrgentServer can't keep up within 5 minutesMaxetto
1887 BugNewUrgent//sel Use by player without w.e. perms causes massive 1x1x(unknown length) tunnels on level 60viveleroi
1882 BugNewHighCrash when using //hcylDiabloste
1880 BugNewHighbuild 1254 schematics lose chest contentsPhanaticD
1879 BugNewHigh//restore not workingjust_a_nickname
1876 BugNewHighpasting huge blocks with schematic load/save produce java errorfodermesterfodermester
1862 FeatureNewNormaltall grass generationdrnod
1861 FeatureNewNormalPermissions-based configurable block-limits (Suggestion)OkinKun
1860 FeatureNewNormalPrevent changing some blocksManuestaire
1838 BugNewNormal//regen will generate ores in stone OUTSIDE the selection area.ryan_the_leach
1825 FeatureNewHighUse threads for changing blocks on serversblackwolf12333
1807 FeatureNewNormalNew spawner metadatas?AndyHuang
1801 FeatureNewLowSuper Pickaxe optionsCanti-sama
1759 FeatureNewNormalmultiple selectionsthibaultmol
1742 FeatureNewNormalPls change "/info" to "//info"Markezzz
1683 FeatureNewNormalConsole selectionDrakenStark
1677 FeatureNewNormalIf spout enabled, multithread the block changesMe4502
1662 FeatureNewNormalBlacklist some blocks from being movedVis
1661 FeatureNewNormal//naturalize on Sand/Sandstone as wellRaptor2213
1651 FeatureNewNormalBonemeal BrushGrailMore
1646 FeatureNewHighNo Gravityrriedellrriedell
1641 FeatureNewLowTooltip for bound toolDasUmlaut
1632 FeatureNewNormalSave-all before laggy editsMorkan
1581 FeatureNewLowOption to enable fallback commandG30RG3Dsk89q
1567 BugNewNormalSuperPickaxe /undo is brokenGimlao
1536 BugNewNormalBrush smooth not workhactarus
1498 FeatureNewNormalFalling entity supportSmiley43210
1492 BugNewHighSuper pickaxe doesn't respect WorldGuard region protectionturikhay
1489 FeatureNewNormalDelay large operationsmatejdro
1478 FeatureNewNormalWorldedit Selection / Worldguard region checklazarus_mub
1460 FeatureNewNormalSupport for /directory/to/snapshots/date/worldname/level.dat directory schema.nv
1451 FeatureNewNormal/center to place block at center of areamanbearbird
1445 FeatureNewNormalSet a limit on the range of the brush toolVis
1437 FeatureNewNormalMore poly points with the selection toolnipper
1417 BugNewHighScripting/CraftScript not working (MC 1.2.5, WE 5.4) - fails with NoSuchMethodError[email protected]
1415 FeatureNewLowDisabling /jumpto and /thru spamming.Shadowphrogg32642342
1409 FeatureNewNormalAdd default schematic format to configBlynky
1392 FeatureNewNormalCyl/sphere/etc generation based on selectionZ
1375 BugNewHighbrush bugsmartx32
1372 BugNewHighBlock Data not workingYoav
1348 FeatureNewNormalLet worldedit check for iscancelled events for higher priorty plugin events.Corncobery
1345 FeatureNewNormalAdd a limit for changing blocks per second_Martinius__Martinius_
1344 BugNewHighError when restoringYM_Industries
1333 BugNewNormalPaintings, doors, and signsDeszeraeth
1331 BugNewNormalChest face positionDeszeraeth
1325 BugNewNormalCopy function not keeping dispenser directionRenlar
1314 FeatureNewNormalPlace truly natural formations by regenerating chunks with specific biomes.bigscary
1306 FeatureNewNormalItem definitions for containersYellowAfterlife
1300 BugNewNormalSnapshot list is preferring older folder names over more recent .zip namesBlynky
1294 BugNewHighRails and rail-switches pasted in wrong directionspatrick90sk89q
1292 FeatureNewHighAdd fireballs and enderpearls (or "all") to the /remove commandxikage
1291 FeatureNewNormalRegen like command that uses a reference map rather than the seedTrel
1286 FeatureNewNormalIn game vertex editing for polygonal selections.entityreborn
1282 FeatureNewNormalBiome editleagrissk89q
1278 FeatureNewNormalCustom GeneratorZzeKloporte
1275 FeatureNewNormalAdd an option to //outline to only generate lines of a regionGimlao
1245 FeatureNewNormalAllow the UnderOverlayMask (< and >) to work with ! and # parametersmartinirams
1244 BugFeedbackNormalCombinedMask does not have any effect.martinirams
1227 FeatureNewHighCollision detection system to make Worldedit only work in owned regens.Henness
1208 FeatureNewNormalMask support for commands with "from" block-type argument.Z

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